The Top 10 Tech Trends In 2023 Everyone Must Be Ready For (

Application development jobs are becoming more prevalent as development languages like Java and operating systems like iOS7 advance further every day. Working as an application developer, you will most likely be working on a team. There are many different roles that one could play on the team, such as: project manager, user interface/user experience, and… Read more »

Take a look inside your pantry. What brands do you recognize? Why did you choose that product over its competitor? If you asked 10 people what brand of cereal they thought of when you said the word “cereal,” your outcome could amount to 10 different answers. As consumers, we associate certain brands of products with… Read more »

LinkedIn – A social media site that has changed how people in the professional world interact with each other. For some companies, LinkedIn is their primary resource for searching and obtaining prospective employees. Here at Pierce, our recruiters specifically use LinkedIn as one of their main resources for acquiring candidates. In addition, it is a… Read more »