While job searching, being the tedious and nerve racking task that it is, many try to get away with skimping on the important things. There has been some debate on whether cover letters are still worth writing. Honestly, depending on the company you’re applying to, they may not even be required. However, if done correctly, a cover letter could be that leg up that you have on the competition.  Here are 3 Pierce Pointers on the art of constructing a strong cover letter.

  1. Research:

    This step is simple. Do your research. Showing that you have knowledge about the company that you are applying to just shows that you cared enough about this position to learn more about it. Job descriptions often use key words that depict the qualities they are looking for in their new employees. Use them; once again indicating that you took the time and effort to become familiar with the company. Also, some companies make a point to post that no cover letter is required, in which case, sending one just shows you don’t follow directions or bother to look up the company. Not doing your research could result in your potential employer skipping your application.

  2. Have more than one:

    Some people type up one generic cover letter and just change the name and date. Just a little known fact, employers can tell. This is just the easy way out. Don’t get me wrong, I know it gets hard when you’re on your 15th application; however, your future employer doesn’t know that and just assumes you’re lazy. Take the time to tailor your cover letter to that particular company. Not to mention, mistakes happen and you do not want to send a cover letter that you forgot to change the name on. Your ambition will set you apart from your competitors and gives you an opportunity to show your creative side.

  3. Show off a little:

    Resumes are boring and don’t give a good indication of how much time and effort you have put into trying to get this job. A cover letter is your time to show off your accomplishments and why they will benefit the company. In doing this, you also give that potential employer a sample of your professional writing without even realizing it. It is one of the few chances you have in life to shamelessly brag about yourself – take advantage of it.

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