A Quality Assurance Analyst wears many hats. They are responsible for developing a plan that addresses both the functional and technical tasks of a given software. In addition, they must understand the quality of standards and test the program to be sure it fulfills the requested requirements of the software solution. Not just anyone can take on this position. This is a job that has high expectations because without a QA Analyst, glitches, bugs, and other issues can arise when dealing with a software program.


To be sure that your candidate is meeting your requirements, here are a few skills to keep an eye out for:

 Strong Communication

To avoid any problems, your QA Analyst should be able to construct clear messages. Between giving instructions, writing a test plan, and executing an evaluation, there is too much room for error. Strong verbal and nonverbal skills will result in a more efficient solution.


Your QA will be monitoring multiple aspects of the software program such as program performance. They should have the ability to detect defects and bugs quickly in addition to modifying procedures and meeting deadlines.

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Technology is a finicky thing. Bugs can pop up sporadically, throwing your whole plan off track. You want a candidate to have the ability to think on their feet. Sometimes a new course of action is necessary, so it is important to have someone who can remain focused on task, and come up with an innovative solution to the problem.

Technical Experience

In order for your QA to be able to perform any of these tasks, they should be well versed in software development procedures, testing new software, program performance, etc.


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