It is no surprise that the world is just a few short years away from becoming completely digitalized. At the doctor’s office, instead of handing you a clipboard and a pen with a pile of paperwork, they are handing out tablets. Pens are being replaced by styluses; paper is being replaced by screens. When was the last time you actually walked into a bank to deposit a check you have been so desperately waiting for for the past two weeks? ATMs make your banking experience a one-stop shop just by the touch of a screen. None of this is new information; however, it is important information for people like you who have chosen a career in such a rapidly changing field.

Digitalization is unavoidable, and if businesses have any hopes of surviving, they will embrace this trend with open arms. The Internet has spoiled us with convenient access right in the palms of our hands, and as customers, we expect everything now, now, now. This is where you come in. Marketing, Healthcare, Security, and Banking are the four main business verticals Pierce works with on a daily basis. Here are some IT trends that are important to know for the upcoming years.


The marketing vertical offers a lot of opportunities for growth. The whole point of marketing is to understand the wants and needs of your customer base and developing carefully targeted messages with high content value. This is becoming more and more difficult since consumers are slammed with masses of content daily. Sharing features are just multiplying all of the content that is already being generated causing content overload. Businesses need to be able to weed through all of this content and come out on top if they wish to be successful. Due to this influx of content, jobs like managing consumer data will increase in demand.


Between the baby boomer generation approaching its senior years and the high demand to convert printed health records to electronic health records (EHR), there will be a surplus of IT jobs in the healthcare field. Cloud computing, data management, and wireless are just a few of the jobs that will be essential to the successful transition to digitalized health records.

Finance and Banking

Banking has also jumped on this digitalization craze. Online banking has transformed how people can manage their money. Online banking allows real-time access from computers, smartphones and tablets. Literally giving people the opportunity to gain access to their money at the push of a button. The technology is becoming so advanced that people are able to download apps that make the transaction for you. You don’t even need your debit card anymore! According to USA Today, banks, such as Bank of America, are getting so advanced, they are incorporating a video-chat like feature in their ATMs to reinvent the bank teller experience.

Technology Security

Banking is great segue into our final vertical, technology security. Almost everything you do online requires some form of a password, passcode, or security question in order to gain access to any site that contains personal information. You can purchase anything and everything over the Internet. However, there is a great fear of not knowing if your personal information is completely safe. That is why the job market for technology security solutions is growing so rapidly. We are approaching an unfamiliar era of Internet traffic that is demanding a safer and more secure digital environment.

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