LinkedIn – A social media site that has changed how people in the professional world interact with each other. For some companies, LinkedIn is their primary resource for searching and obtaining prospective employees. Here at Pierce, our recruiters specifically use LinkedIn as one of their main resources for acquiring candidates. In addition, it is a quick and easy way for job seekers to learn about different companies they may be interested in. However, just having a LinkedIn page is not enough to impress prospective employers and employees. Your profile needs to be tailored to you and your goals for the most beneficial outcome when accepting a job or hiring an employee. Follow these six Pierce Pointers that make for an effective LinkedIn Profile.

1. LinkedIn Profile Builder

LinkedIn provides its users with a tool that lays out a step-by- step process that helps you get started or enhance your existing profile. USE THIS. This is your best course of action when beginning a LinkedIn Profile. The employees of LinkedIn know what they’re talking about so take advantage of the resources they offer to you.

2. Recommendations and References

You needed letters of recommendation when applying to colleges and you’re going to need recommendations and references when searching for a job. LinkedIn provides a section so professors, bosses, and even co-workers can conveniently post a few sentences or paragraphs about you that make you look good! This feature is even more convenient for potential employers, because they can just go to your LinkedIn Profile and read through your recommendations. No more waiting on emails or for the official interview. Both parties can be equally informed about each other before they even meet.

3. Education

Your education is another important component to your LinkedIn Profile. Your education is the foundation to your knowledge and skill base. Show it off. Even going back as far as your high school education can provide you with a wider variety of people to connect with, which could lead to big opportunities. It is all about who you know, so expanding your horizons could be a major benefit.

4. Job Description

This is how perspective employers evaluate your skills and qualifications for a position. Description is everything. Even if you were a bus boy at a dive bar in a seedy part of town, you should make it sound like you were a butler for the President of the United States. Talk everything up, this is probably the only time in life where adding a little fluff is acceptable during the hiring process. Don’t get too excited and stray from the truth, but elaborate on your skills and make it seem like you are the absolute best at whatever you are talking about.

5. Identify Interests

This is not just your typical “I like long walks on the beach and bike riding” interests. This where you tailor your interests to the field you are in. Follow organizations you support or are a part of, or causes that you are passionate about. This is anything that you are open to connect with people about, commonalities you have with people who are in the same field as you. Again this gives you the opportunity to connect with more people and possibly help land you that dream job.

6. Humanize Yourself

This final Pierce Pointer is the place where you incorporate your personal interests and hobbies. Personality is a big factor for potential employees. You want people to have an idea of the real you and not just the professional you. Share articles that you are interested in, comment on different posts, join in the conversation. All of these things will help people who are viewing your profile get a better idea of who you are as a whole. Remember professional people are just normal people when they take off their blazers and step away from their emails.

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